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Minutes of our Meeting of 7th July 2022 Venue: Choral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Greetings Scribes.

Present at the Venue: Rick, Mike, Bobby, Gina, Patti and Michael.

Joining on Skype: Stephen, Nikki, Bob, June & John.

The Meeting began by welcoming Karen back to the group after a long break.

Followed by readings:

John: “The Present” (A bit of half-assed philosophy) followed by Chapter 1 of “A Murder of Crones” rewritten in present tense to comply with the prompt.

Patti: “Present & Past Today”. A thesis on parking in Paphos.

Mike: “First Love” His & Her stories.

Gina: “The Present”. A poetic take on the writing prompt.

Rick: Chapter 15 of “Death in France” His work in progress.

Stephen: “Journey to Mars” A Sci-Fi fantasy

Bobby: Chapter 2 of “Right Hand Man” his work in progress of revamping.

Nikki: “The Past is the Present” A Strong use of Dialect.

Bob: Chapter 10 of “Breathe Free” His work in progress.

Karen: “Trick or Treat”. A whimsical poem.

Writing Prompt for next week: “Mask / Masque”


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