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Minutes of meeting 30th May 2024 Venue: Coral Star restaurant

At venue: Rick, Mike, Jackie,Mick,Irene,JohnE, Glen and Anne.

On Skype: Bob.


Mike -The Open sea and beyond?

Andy Moulder decides to go to sea and seek his fortune after messing up his life

Stowin away for five days on a boat. Maybe he should have looked at the name of it first.


Rick – Chapter 17

Rick picked up his latest novel after some months and resumes the story of art theft, gang warfare, murder and intrigue. More next week please…..


Irene – A risk lived to regret.

Lisa takes up with a man through a dating site, who shares her interest in music. It is a platonic  relationship until he unfortunately dies. She then meets another man via ‘Classic FM’ dating site who has darker motive in mind, and attempts to take total control of her life. She finally dumps him after her family shows concern about the relationship. But he is still out there………


JohnE - Risk

 After John retired from active service he had to find something to occupy himself He was in control of his life, and a TV program gave him the idea. Buy a property, renovate it, sell it then do it again nd again simples! He had no ties as his wife had left him, and with sufficient finance made a success of it . That’s why he’s over here now or is it?


Glen – Risk, Yin and Yan, Black and White

Through life Glen has survived life threatening circumstances, a car crash in bad weather involving two large lorries completely wrecked his car he was unharmed

In his job on a construction site, a steel reinforcement bar dropped from the sixth floor almost speared him where he stood.

In Qatar, partying to celebrat St Patrick’s Day They were threatened by an Arab man carrying a gun for disrespecting a holy day in the calendar at 11.30 he went to leave resulting in a gunshot. Luckily he wasn’t a good shot!


Jackie- Risk or No risk

Jackiesmemories of her time as a risk assessor in a chemical works, checking leakages of pollutants in waste disposal sites and the risks involved.


Anne – The Movie Star- Reggie the Oscar winner.

Ane’s experiences with a famous black American movie star when he went to Africa for the first time. The native Africans asked him about his background but he didn’t have any answers!


Mick –Army story – Belfast

Mick’s recollection of a new officer straight from Sandhurst in charge of a unit in Belfast, being guided along by a very streetwise and experienced Scottish sergeant ‘Tam’ Who was really in charge?

Bob – Screenplay

Another scene from Bob’s screenplay of his novel it helps to hear people reading it out.

Next week’s theme Fears, Phobias and Favorites.






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