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Minutes of Meeting held at Coral Star Taverna 25th April 2024

Venue: Coral Star Restaurant, 10.30 to 12.30

At the venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Bobby, John E., Bob, and Glen.

On Skype: John G and Irene.


Bobby will be on Rock FM radio this Saturday morning being interviewed about his books, followed by a book signing at the Queen Vic Pub in the afternoon.


John G: Exit the Dragon

Telling the story of St. George's encounter with the dragon from the dragon’s point of view. He was quite happy in his own environment until this bloke turned up in a tin suit waving a big stick around. As the dragon pointed out, ‘You could have someone’s eye out with that!’ as usual, an amusing take on the subject.


Irene: For the sake of St. George

A history of Georges through her life: grandfather with a large family, lost a daughter aged three to diphtheria, other relatives history, serving in the army, then returning to Scotland, trip to Canada and the USA. Another chapter in her family history book,


Mike: I haven’t got it with me.

A writing exercise of 101 words with a beginning, content, and end was originally set by Jenny Rook some five years ago.



Another well researched piece delving into the history of St. George through the ages.

He had strong links with the crusades and is also reputed to have slayed the dragon on Dragon Hill, opposite the white horse hill carving in England. Very interesting stuff all around.


Glen: St. George and the Moscow coat of arms

During his time in Russia, Glen recalls, after the fall of Communism, the rise of religion and also St. George on the coat of arms. Businessmen have access to vast amounts of money for investment in building work within Russia, but you have to know how to treat them!!


John E: Them and Us

John talks about the differences between men on the ground and the people in charge, who usually had no practical experience of the job. That’s the story of the world, unfortunately.


Bob's screenplay for Last Gasp


Bob is working on a screenplay for his crime novels; we had a run-through and discussion of how it should be planned out. Very interesting stuff.


Next week theme is MAYDAY.


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