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Minutes of Meeting held at Coral Star Taverna 11th April 2024

Venue: Coral Star Taverna 10.30-12.30 11th April 2024

At the venue: Rick, Mike, Glen, Irene, Anne, and Margaret Robinson

On Skype: Bobby, Bob, John G, Jordi 

Bobby: Wings

The brothers are banished from the tribe for life and escorted to Deadman's Copse. Trixies owner turns up and takes her back home. A flock of blackbirds have followed the brothers and when they are alone, they are attacked and killed.


Mike: Bouncing Back

Geoffrey, a poor little rich boy, is left in charge of the family house for a weekend with a selection of jobs to complete and keep him busy. He parties all weekend with his friends. Then he gets the village handyman to do all the jobs at the last minute, with disastrous results for his father's Lambourghini !!!


John G: Last Man Smoking

In the future, smoking is totally banned and the nanny state takes over people's lives. Scary stuff if it happens.


Glen: On the Rebound

As a young man in the construction industry, Glen has to work late, and goes for a pint when he finishes. He meets a man who works in Qatar who tells him to apply for a position that is vacant as long as he can play rugby! The boss takes him on for treble wages and no taxes; he has never looked back. (or played rugby)


John E: On the Rebound

John tells of his walk along Offas Dyke with a backpack, preparing to bed down for the night. He is surrounded by a group of young bulls and has to dive over a thorny hedge to escape their attention, another of his humorous memories of life.


Anne: The Tennis Club Kenya 1970's

The story of wealthy Colonial people in Kenya who built their own house's. a great insight into life at that time.

From her own memories.


Irene: Rebound in Life

Irene recalls her childhood, running away, becoming ill, and how she was drawn into nursing against her father's wishes.


Margaret: Her Story

Born in the war in 1943. She recalls rationing food from the allotment, eggs from their chickens, a simple life with memorable Christmas times. more please.


Next week's theme is Personal Memories. Coral Star 10.30-12.30 18th April 2024


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