Minutes of the Meeting of 22 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia

Greeting fellow writers. Present at today's meeting: Paul, Michael, Rick, Dee, Gina, June. Zoom attendees: John, Jennie, Bob. Gina led the meeting with Rick on technology and Dee taking the notes. The meeting began with a reading based on last week's homework: Dee: a ghost story. General readings followed: June: called 'A funny thing happened to Tosca'. An entertaining, funny real life, experiences within the operatic world. When the production, does not go to plan. John: 'Autumn in Cyprus'. An article from 2009 when he wrote write for a travel magazine. In particular about events in September including The Aphrodite Festival, The Dionysus Festival and such diverse subjects as Sport events,

Minutes of Meeting 15th October 2020 Venue Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia.

Greetings fellow scribes present at today's meeting. Gina-Rick-Micheal-Dee . Zoom attendees: John-Jennie-Nikki-Bob. The meeting began with readings based on last week's homework: Nikki: An interesting, story called 'Rocks and Flowers'. A cleverly contrived story about adoption and DNA. John: 'Dowagers Delight'. An extract from ‘Immortals,’ a short story working on the premiss that we will eventually cure old age. General readings followed: Rick: An article which is scheduled for the November issue of 'Cyprus Living'. A coastal walk, including, boats, caves, dirt tracks and pathways which finishes at Paphos Harbour. Gina: 'Privilledged'. An extract from her book. deeply moving, and detailed a

Minutes of the Meeting: 08 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar.

Present: June-Rick-Dee-Gina- Derek. Zoom Attendees: Jennie-John-Bob Greeting fellow Writers. Gina opened the meeting and acted as our chair for the session. Readings Began with Derek: Homework form last weeks’ challenge, a synopsis of your favourite book. Which is ‘Staying on’ by Paul Scott, which won the Booker Prize in 1977. A very well crafted summary, of events that eventually Led up to the final days of British Empire. Some interesting feedback ensued from Bob, Jennie and John. Coffee break 12 o’clock till 12-15 Readings continued with John from last weeks’ homework. “If you could stop time”. A complex, cleverly devised piece of prose and poem, tackling the problems of time, very John.

MINUTES OF MEETING 01 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar.

Present: Jennnie Michael, Rick, Dee, Derek, June, Gina,Bob. Zoom attendee: John Meeting commenced at 11am Bob led the group into an interesting forum on ‘Writing a synopsis’. Please find notes attached. https://www.tckpublishing.com/nonfiction-book-synopsis/ Readings from two weeks ago Dee a topical apocalyptic pandemic story Readings-Bob :from the first synopsis of his first book ‘Last Gasp’. Readings continued with June: A synopsis, from her Autobiography ‘Tears and Symphony’ Coffee break-12 oclock till 12-15 Last week’s homework Jennie: ‘Words of Wisdom’. A very clever use of the words which were given. A really interesting piece. Readings: Micheal: ‘Comotosed’. Looking at the life he fac

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