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Minutes of Meeting held at Coral Star Taverna 2nd May 2024

At the venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Irene, JohnE, Margaret, Bob, Bobby, and Glen.


No one on Skype:

Bobby: St. George

George goes over his duties for the day with his manservant, Egbert, culminating in the slaying of the dragon!! A humorous and clever piece of wordplay from Bobby


Rick: The final part of his video presentation of Stane Street as it passes through many well known areas of present day London, finishing at London Bridge after 58 miles a

very informative journey.


Patti: Mayday Rituals and History

Going back to Roman times, Mayday was a celebration of spring with floral displays, maypoles, and village traditions. Finishing with her personal recollections of the whole Mayday tradition being rejected as a pagan festival in her local area.


Mike: Mayday

Due to climate change, a fierce cold winter drives people to come together and live in communes to conserve energy. It brings people together as a community and when the authorities try to force people to go back home, they protest – the beginning of a new way of life?


Glen: The Story of George Lovelace

Telling the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs from one of their own points of view. A look back at the hard struggle of the workers to get fair pay and conditions. Resulting in deportation to Australia for years Was it all worth it in the end?


John E: Them and Us, Part two

Stories from John’s experiences as an armed police officer and the people ‘in charge’ who made the job impossible to do. Until the day came when the Armed Squad got the information first and acted upon it without interference. The team's leader’ is brought down and ultimately sacked.

There then followed a discussion about police procedures and protocol.


Irene: Mayday

The affect that the assassination of JFK had on her as a nine year old and her fears of the Cold War, then the collapse of communism in Russia, Mayday celebrations, now the decline, the COVID-19 situation, and the ongoing conflicts of today.


Margaret: 1961 another chapter in her life.

In 1961, Margaret met her first husband, he was in the Navy, and their first child was a Down syndrome baby. The husband went to prison, and she met somebody else, got pregnant again. A very emotional story told from the heart needs to be written.


Bob: Screenplay.

Continuing Bob's novel Breathe Easy, we took part in reading Bob’s story. Very good.


A lively meeting with lots of discussion thrown up by the various subjects.

Next week's theme is summer holidays. 9th May 2024 10.30-12.30


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