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Minutes of Meeting held at Coral Star Taverna 18th April 2024

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Margaret, John E, Glen and Anne

On Skype: JohnG, Bob, Bobby, Jordi and Irene.


Bobby – Wings final chapter.

Bayen looks down on his kingdom from a favourite vantage point and is joined by Arian, his soon to be bride. Trixie is a frequent visitor with her owner, who takes many photographs for her weekly column in the local newspaper. Sometime after the wedding, Bayen and Arian had three sons. Bayen is proclaimed king of all the magpies.


JohnG - Happy Birthday!

John recalls his actual birthday from his point of view. The Beginning


Mike - Memwheas of a stwoke

Mike takes us through his recent experience of having a stroke. His speech was slurred, but imorlrite now!


Rick - Ocean Falls

Rick recalls his time working in a remote paper mill town in Canada in a small community of two hundred or so people until it was closed but revived by the government. who struggled to keep it going for three years in 1977.


Patti - Personal Memoire

Patti’s personal memories of two thousand-year-old Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong and how it has spread around the world up until the modern day. Another well-researched piece.


Glen - Memoirs

His growing-up period in East London in the fifties, playing with kids in the street, skiffle music, rock and roll, and how it all shaped his life for the future.


John E - Memoirs of Northern Ireland

Stories of life as a soldier in the troubles include dropping a machine gun out of a helicopter and losing a rifle, which then got run over. Observing a vicar having an affair with an IRA leader's wife!!! All part of the job.


Irene - Memoirs of Bridget

Irenes ‘Alter Ego’ Bridget, who got the blame when things went wrong


Anne - Memoirs

Anne goes back to 1969, when she was a P.A. to none other than Mohamed Al Fayed, who led a different life to everybody else! A taste of how the other half lives.


Margaret - Christmas

She remembers simple Christmases and holidays when her dad got his annual bonus from work and how she left school and earned her own money, finally becoming her own person.

Nezt Weeks Theme - ST Georges Day (Coral Star 25th April 2024 10.30-12.30)


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