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With so Many Talented Poets in the group it is about time they had their own page.

 Planning the Day by Jennifer M Gardiner 17 June 2021


I look at the door but I cannot go out

If I tried he would grab me, and probably shout

to stay where I am, so I haven’t a choice

but to buckle under, and obey his voice


The children are restless they sense all’s not right

I try to stay calm and not risk a fight

Crush the urge to scream ’”leave me alone”

Take back my family, my pride, and my phone

Look up old friends I’m forbidden to see

Try and salvage the optimistic old me


Before they had school to escape from this hell

but now with the virus, they are stuck in as well

They don’t understand why he rages like this

Very rarely a cuddle or a spontaneous kiss


Like me they’re conditioned never to tell

Just give the impression that all is well

Cover the bruises that appear every day

If not, a heavy price to pay


So now with no school runs or shopping to do

This lockdown has much changed our lives,

Our escape for a brief time is over

stay compliant if we wish to survive


Neighbours don’t realize the situation we’re in

Trapped with this menacing bully within,

He waves at them, smiles, then unlocks his door

To repeat his transgressions, more and more


His release was the pub, where he drowned his sorrows

For me it was respite, before the tomorrow

but before that the demands of his conjugal rights

that are taken whatever, night after night


I was bearing up before the virus hit

Said little to no one as that would admit

what I feared was the truth, there is no way out

Of getting away from this bullying lout


So for most when this virus is over,

they’ll continue with lives as they were

With family and friends, laughter and tears

Not a life like this, unsecure


But for me this lockdown will never end

‘till I muster the courage , and call an unknown friend

For years I’d finally planned out this day

to make my escape and move far away.



Eddy Kent

15 May 2020

Wingless Angels

Wingless angels walk the earth

They look like you and me

They come in all shapes and sizes

And in society they are the key

Some are doctors some are nurses

Some empty bins you see

Some are carers some work in shops

But in society they are the key

They deliver parcels, deliver the post

Some without P.P.E

They drive the trains, drive the buses

For in society they are the key

Some will suffer, some will die

But they'll do this for you and me

They do this because they care

And in society they are the key

All of the above are hero's

Deserve the accolade that it brings

For in society they are the key

The angels who don't have wings

Eddy Kent

28 April 2020



Amidst the world of turmoil

Hope it can emerge

It can fill your heart with promise

As misery becomes submerged


 New heights they can be reached

They can give your heart a boost

You can feel on top of the world

When hope is introduced


You now can see a light start glowing

As darkness it flies away

From life's tunnel you can escape

When blue skies they chase the grey


Its time for you to stand up

Time to put the past behind

Time to put your best foot forward

And walk with a clear mind


For life's just an open book

Happiness can outweigh the rage

Normality can be the next chapter

If you'll only just turn the page


Everybody can feel deflated

Not everybody you see can cope

But remember one thing quite clearly

Everybody will always have hope.

Ann Joyce on Plot

7 November 2019

A Plot


‘A plot, a plot, a plot’ says she

‘A what’ says he.

‘A plot of land’ she said.

He looked bewildered, shook his head.


‘Why not’ she said and smiled.

‘Some land, a house to build,

a room for you, a room for me,

a room for all our children three’.


‘A house, a room for you and me

a room for all our children three’.

He clapped his hands and smiled with glee.


So arm in arm along the trail

of all the plots of land for sale,

some full of rocks on sides of hills,

some with dried-out streams and rills,

some with brightly coloured grass,

says both, ‘but isn’t that so nice’.


Too many plots, no choice was made.

How can we ever choose, they said.

We’ll put their numbers in a hat

and draw the chosen one like that.


‘Oh, you have me dazzled, love’ he said,

‘Oh, you have me frazzled too’ he said.

‘So many rooms to fill’ he said.

‘How about a spell in bed’? 

‘In bed’ she said,

‘Oh, yes’ he said.


‘You’re mad’ she said.

‘I want a plot of land’ she said,

‘where I can sow and grow

carrots and onions all in a row,

a stand for trees, some hives for bees’.


‘For bees’ says he,

his face no longer full of glee.

His mind caught in a plot of thought

of insults and of slights on him,

the many stings upon his skin.


How could she make him dig and weed

and tend to all her other needs.

His back began to ache and pain

but she beamed a grinning smile at him.

She knew that she could win this round

and so she bought a plot of ground.


She took his hand and both lay down,

she kissed away his many frowns

and he began to dream again,

a room for you, a room for me,

a room for all our children three.

Eddy Kent

brought forward from pick of the month.

The Old Ways

Where have all the old ways gone
When good manners was to the fore
People said please and thank you
Gentlemen still opened the door

Boyfriends asked a fathers permission
When they wanted a lady’s hand
They wined and dined their girlfriends
Not looked for a one-night stand

Picking your nose was disgusting
Passing wind was even worse
When girls went to the toilet
Boys looked after their purse

Is chivalry still out there?
Do boy scouts still roam the streets?
If so why is it on a bus
Youngsters don’t give up their seats

Is what I’m asking so alien?
I just want people to have respect
Show their elders some courtesy
Is it too much to expect

When someone you see drops something
Be refined, and have some class
Don’t wait till they bend over
Then kick them in the ass

Remember good manners cost nothing
Politeness doesn’t have a price
Don’t be a sap and be ungracious
It’s always nice to be nice

So if someone you see is in trouble
Give them a hand, don't be rude
And if you do so just look at their face
What you'll see is gratitude

In the old days people they did this
For they realised politeness was free
So let's all just take a step backwards
Here endith the lesson from me

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