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Bobby Davison Is a new member of the PWG and has been working for some time on a trilogy of tense crime thrillers under the series title: 'In Reverse Order" after the first book in the series. All are now available on Amazon. Click any book for the link.
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Part 3 of the Blue Sky Saga. After Maggie's Secret came Susie's Secret and now Lizzie's secret brings the dramatic conclusion.
Two Elizabeths; their names shortened in childhood, one to Betty and the other to Lizzie. Escaping their past secrets, they go to live in New Zealand where the past present and future they envisage become tangled in a net of mystery and intrigue

A quirky no holds barred, matter of fact, straight talking book on what those mysterious little relationship ending phrases mean.
How to spot them, what the true meanings are and how to move on.
An empowering positive look on being dumped.

An eclectic collection of poetry by Ann Joyce, featuring her poetic study of the life of Meabh the legendary warrior queen who presided over the province of Connacht in the west of Ireland.

Ann Joyce’s poetry is rooted in the west of Ireland.  She has an interest in Celtic mythology and in particular Queen Meabh. Her prose poem, Meabh, set to music by John Carty portrays Meabh not only as a warrior queen but also as woman and mother

Her sense of how landscape can shape our lives is the subject matter of many of her poems. She is acutely aware of the sense of loss wedging a place in the heart but also how laughter can spring from unusual places and at unusual times. Her poems take us through a warm and generous landscape that transports us to places of loss, love and wonder

  • A monstrous killer, safely behind bars – But just how safe is, ‘safe’?

  • An archive of debauchery and murder, poised to ruin reputations, careers, lives

  • A detective running out of time to find what he seeks

The second in the DCI Jamie Carver Series, and Book Two of The Worshipper Trilogy, FINAL BREATH is a breathtakingly compelling story of intrigue, conspiracy, and brutal, bloody murder – one in which Jamie Carver finds himself up against people in high places, while forced to renew his acquaintance with the woman who, despite all his efforts, he cannot stop from haunting his dreams.

After the success of his first anthology, Rich Inspirations, Richard Palmer has gathered together a further collection of his shorter works. Serious sensual, sentimental and satirical, but related with a light-hearted approach. Both poetry and prose, from life’s rich tapestry, often told with a twist or saucy aspect. Once again Richard has selected appropriate and sometimes inappropriate illustrations for your enjoyment.

How to Become a Wine Connoisseur in 60 Minutes or Less

In Alain Merhejes book, How to Become a Wine Connoisseur in 60 Minutes or Less you will find information on many entry topics into the art of wine, including: red versus white, the stages of production, oak storage, wine-growing regions, the types of wine, how to recognize the grape variety from the wine colour, the terroir concept (grape variety, production method, micro climate and topography), varietal vs blends and much more, all simply and engagingly explained.Alain Merhejes aim was to write a book that in an hour of reading would provide the basics of wine right down to the many little-known tips; such as how to tell if a wine has gone bad even before you open the bottle.So, If youre looking to learn just enough to sound like a real connoisseur, impress your friends or dazzle your guests, then look no further.

Rich Palmer has gathered together a collection of his shorter works. Both serious and light hearted, poetry and prose, from lifes rich tapestry, Often told with a twist or saucy aspect. With appropriate and sometimes inapropriate illustrations for your enjoyment.

Three days out on the seven-day trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bermuda the small but luxurious cruise ship “Ocean Eco Star” struck an underwater object and started rapidly sinking. Its position was about 700 kilometres from the nearest land, just inside the Bermuda Triangle.

It was early evening and most of the 700 passengers, oblivious to the thick fog that had enveloped the ship, were at dinner at the time. The ship started to list severely, rendering half of the lifeboats impossible to launch. In the chaos that followed, a small group of stragglers had to take their chances in the sea eventually finding refuge in an inflatable liferaft.

Cut off from the other survivors but, although for the moment safe, anger and stress threatened to make the wait for rescue a troubled time; time to dwell on the discomforts and privations of their predicament. Needing a distraction the senior crew member cajoled her charges to tell the party something of their lives before embarking on the ill-fated trip.

In this experiment in large group, collaborative writing by members of the Paphos Writers Group each of the main chapters were written concurrently and merged around a broad framework to form a single manuscript later.

I suppose I knew from the first little jewel of blood that this would become addictive; that they would call me a serial killer.

DI Samuel Miller was never comfortable with people but, on his up days, he could be charming, intelligent and witty, even if a little insensitive. However, since the loss of his wife, frustration and self-deprecation tended to drive him into depression; his only escape, alcohol.

His investigation into the brutal murder of Sheila Delaney leads him into the convivial world of Modern Jive where he finds release and, to his surprise, romance. However Sam does not realise he is putting his new lover in danger as he moves inexorably closer to tracking down the killer hiding under his nose.

This is the story of Maggie and the people around her.

Traveling between England,  Australia, America and New Zealand. Their lives entwined in jealousy control and mystery. Suffering extremes of happiness, despair and determination.

Even before the British Olympic Committee won the right to stage the 2012 games they confidently displayed a ‘Countdown to London’ banner on their website.
Little did they know that it was also a simultaneous countdown to events that, if they became known, would make London 2012: ‘The Last Olympiad.’

DCI Jamie Carver still blames himself for what happened the last time he let a would-be victim act as ‘bait’ for a serial-killer. Now there’s a new one on the loose, this time targeting dominatrices such as fantastical ‘Dom’, Megan Crane. But however much he fears history repeating itself, Carver knows he cannot ignore the help she can lend the hunt for the infamous ‘Worshipper Killer.’ As Carver and his partner sift through Megan’s network of contacts, searching for their quarry, they find themselves being drawn into her dark world in ways they never imagined.

Cypriot Author, Nicolas Protopapas, Presents a collection of short stories and anecdotes that reflect the upheaval and changes the peple of Cyprus have faced over the last 80 or more years.

Other titles by members:


The Last Olympiad by John Goodwin // Available from Anixe publishing

20/20 Visions by John Goodwin // Kindle edition

Appointment in Zambia by Sara Dunn

Malachite and Mangoes by Sara Dunn

Whispers from a Veranda by Paphos Writers Group

Cyprus - A Taste of Yesterday by Eleni Protopapa

A Sheffield Tyke by John Winslow

Former members who have published books:


Michael Bennett

Maria Etheridge

Valerie Day

Bryan Drake

Mark Charlton-Kings

Sandra Sizmur 

JB Woods  

Phil McCloskey

Nicola Simpson

Maurice Holloway

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