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MINUTES OF THE MEETING 23rd MAY 2024 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue : Rick, Mike, Irene, Jackie, Mick, Glen and Margaret.

Skype : JohnG and Bob.


The meeting started with a discussion on language in the writing, The general opinion seemed to be that if it was necessary for the subject of whatever was being focused on, then it should be included in the dialogue. However if it was just put in there to shock and not necessary then that would not be permissible.  That’s how I interpreted it.


Mick - My Life

Mick has written his life story for the benefit of his grand children to let them see how different things were a couple of generations ago.

He joined the merchant navy aged fifteen, in 1962 and went to a ten week training course. The new intake were intimidated and bullied at first, by the older boys, but everyweek was a new intake so last weeks boys got their chance! It made a man of you and it probably did.


Irene – Growing old or not.

Lisa and Kens marriage continues on it’s rocky path and Lisa confides in her Mother in Law, Susan. They have a lot more in common than she thought. Stephan,her Father in Law made many trips to his homeland, Poland, and when he got ill with Cancer secrets came out the story goes on…….


Glen – Old Age and all that it brings

Having completed three score years and ten what we all went through on the journey. Injuries playing sport, losing your hair, putting on weight , the old man noises sitting down and getting up, unknown poisons, like asbestos sun tans, smoking all discovered after you had encountered them. Then technological changes, computers, video games all to technical, you’re getting left behind! Maybe it’s time to let it all go and relax a bit.


Mike - Growing Old

One man’s view of the ageing processes and how one day it will all implode and everybody will have to go back to square one and start again. With the benefit of hindsight would anything be different?


Rick – Remembering only the good bits

The fifties and sixties  are  generally regarded as the best of times but what about the Cold War Russia and America eyeball to eyeball for years, the threat of Nuclear War, The Vietnam war, Korean War, American involvement in other countries affairs, The infectious diseases, Polio etc. The rise of drug abuse. And unhealthy nice tasting food Whole populations being subjected to life threatening exposure to Asbestos, lead piping

It wasn’t all good was it?  But then I suppose on the other hand we had the Beatles……


Margaret – Her life memories continue with her working in the shoe trade and enjoying it. Children growing up, one was adopted but went to a lot of trouble to trace her in later life. Next time her life as the years roll on………..


Bob = Screenplay

We acted out further scenes from Bob’s continuing screen play of Breathe Easy the story opens up.


Another interesting nostalgic meeting next week’s theme ‘Taking a risk, the fork in the Road’


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