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Minutes of our Meeting of 30th November 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At Venue: Rick, Mike, Jordi, Patti, Irene, JohnE,

Skye: JohnG, Bobby, June, Peter, Bob.

The Meeting opened at 10.30 with readings:

Irene – Nae Flies on me.

An in depth study of flies – on mens trousers, in a pantry, and stuck on the front of a car.

A well thought out and humourous study of a difficult theme.

Bobby – Magpies.

Carrying on with the birth of Bayen, Lufian’s son. The council brothers call in to the nest to destroy the egg but they are too late. The council takes an unusual interest in his development at school. A chick is taken by a’Furball’ but saved by an elder bird. The watchman is unfairly banished from the flock even though he drove off another attacker. We are all getting into the structure of the community. A good story.

We ran a U-tube video of Ricks travelogue, Stane Street: Chapter 3.

Rick – Flies –

A man with a drink problem, ends up in prison after a failed bank robbery is watching the flies buzing around in his cell.

John E - Everybody realised that Freddy had a problem.

The life of an alcoholic fly ‘Fast Freddy’ relates to a human predicament. Semi autobiographical and funny tale.

Patti – Fenella the Fly

The life cycle of a dragonfly, two years as a nympf, then maturity, finishing with the mating ritual, then laying the eggs in a still pool followed by death! As usual a well researched and accurate piece from Patti.

Peter – A stage play

An aristocratic mother and son drink tea together, discuss her ex-husband health and inheritance of the Title but the son’s younger (by one hour) twin brother will get the lot! Another off the wall idea from the fertile imagination of a soon to be scriptwriter!

Mike – It’s got one wheel and flies.

A village is concerned about a new wealthy resident who intends to fly his plane in and out at random. A farmer with a sense of humour reveals that he has something built by his grandfather many years ago, has got one wheel and flies!

Jordi – Oedapus Complex

The two versions of Odysseus’ invasion of Egypt and return to Ithicas but which is true? As usual how can you doubt Jordi?

JohnG, - Chamors first Christmas.

The story of the birth of Jesus from the donkey’s point of view. Interesting….

Bob – Epilogue to Breath Free part two.

Wrapping up the loose ends, Jess is back on duty and has to make big decisions she discusses it with Jamie then he decision is made! What happens in the next book?



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