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Minutes of our meeting of 25th November 2021 Venue: Coral Star Taverna & on Skype.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting:

At the Coral Star: Michael. Gina. Jennifer. June. Dee. Bob.

Via Skype: John and Nikki.

Apologies from Claudine

Readings began with:

Jennifer: 'Ann Robinson.' A very clever punchy poem, to start us off about the TV presenter.

Followed by another Poem called 'The love of books'.

Bob: An extract from 'Breathe Again'. The continuation of his novel.

Mike: 'There’s No Place Like Home '. A topical account of the plight of the refugees.

Triggering a discussion about Syrian refugees situation.

Nikki: A very entertaining story involving Fred Dibner and his explosive career. And the tragic 9/11 incident. An interesting comparison of the two.

John: 'On the radio'. A reporter travels in time. Eventually arriving at Camelot to interview Merlin

Dee: 'I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the TV.' A true story of her father and a letter which he sent to Sir Malcolm Muggeridge, the then great sage of the BBC.

Thank you to all who attended both physically and virtually. Meeting concluded at 12-20.

Writing prompt for next week. 'As the plane landed I became more afraid'. Next meeting 2nd December at Coral Star.


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