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Minutes of Our Meeting of 19th January 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus.

Present: Patti, Rick, Mike, Neil, Peter & June

On Skype: Dee, Jordi , Bob and John

Dee was warmly welcomed back.

A short discussion took place regarding John’s statement of account for the amounts he has personally dispensed to maintain the Group’s Website page, since 2019. Bob undertook to come up with a suggestion as to how members might contribute and will post it for consideration on the Group Facebook page.

Rick began the readings with Chapter 29 'Lewes Developments' from his latest novel 'Missing Art’, which has recently been published and is now available in book form.'

Mike followed with his homework contribution, entitled 'Conspiracies’, focusing on the dark side of human nature and conspirators.

Peter read his clever and well written first contribution 'A Broken Mirror Image'.

Bobby’s homework contribution, 'What is Conspiracy', highlighted with some cynicism various versions of well-known and researched historical events.

Jordi gave us 'The Most Influential Culture' which discusses the development of language, and the use of DNA as proof of origin.

Bob continued with Chapter 29 of his latest novel 'Breathe Free', describing the character and ambitions of Pavlos.

Neil then entertained us with a short poem 'Do we live in a Simulation', his contribution to the homework subject. It was suggested that it might have made a good lyric to a song.

As there were no further contributions, Bob explained his ideas as to how it might be helpful to set writing goals/targets for the year.

Peter proposed as next week’s prompt 'Be careful what you wish for!'




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