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Minutes of our Meeting of 18th May 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

Present at venue Rick, Mike, Bob, June, Patti and Jordi

On Skype John and Dee.

The meeting started at 10.30 with a discussion on publishing and self publishing, Kindle create-ongoing.

John started us off with the true story of his and his wife’s decision to come and live in Cyprus in 2004 and subsequently the decision to return to the UK in 2020. Just in time for Covid!

Patti. Decisions throughout history, some good some not. As always well researched interesting and informative.

Mike. Decisions. The many decisions taken in the life of one man correct and incorrect. Making choices standing at a fork in the road to destiny but what will be the final outcome?

Dee. WW2 Dreams. A young girls experiences in troubled times in Germany.

Rick. Chapter 3. Gina’s Story. The story continues with Gina searching for a picture that was looted by the Nazis from her family home in Holland.

Jordi. The Sea People. More fascinating facts putting forward the theory that the Sea People came from the East Med area of Atlantis or was it Cyprus?

Bob. Chapter 42 Breathe Free. Jamie addresses Megan’s reasons for finding Edmond Hart and what she will do afterwards. This results in a violent argument which ends in them embracing and more. The door bursts open and Vasilis tells them that the Russians have taken Pavlos and Samorn.

A lively meeting with so many different subjects. With thanks to Mike for taking the minutes

Next week’s subject ‘MAYDAY’ put forward by Patti.


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