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Minutes of Meeting 15th October 2020 Venue Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia.

Greetings fellow scribes present at today's meeting.

Gina-Rick-Micheal-Dee . Zoom attendees: John-Jennie-Nikki-Bob.

The meeting began with readings based on last week's homework:

Nikki: An interesting, story called 'Rocks and Flowers'. A cleverly contrived story about adoption and DNA.

John: 'Dowagers Delight'. An extract from ‘Immortals,’ a short story working on the premiss that we will eventually cure old age.

General readings followed:

Rick: An article which is scheduled for the November issue of 'Cyprus Living'. A coastal walk, including, boats, caves, dirt tracks and pathways which finishes at Paphos Harbour.

Gina: 'Privilledged'. An extract from her book. deeply moving, and detailed account of the poverty cruelty and horrors, of how less fortunate people and animals have to endure. This from point of view of her main protagonist A rich girl, in the slums of Egypt. Which changed her life forever.

Coffee break 11 50 -12 o’clock

Readings Continued:

Michael: 'The Exotic Garden'. A story with wonderful imagery, of the flowers, and the depths men go to find them. These intoxicating colourful, illuminating, blooms.

Rick: Chapter 8 of his wartime saga It is 1940-42 and Valerie and Mike take their relationship up to the next level when Valerie invites Mike home for lunch, and to meet her parents. Who live in Southern England.

Bob: Extract from his work in progress, a very pacey, tension fuelled police log. Chasing a suspect. Another nail biting page-turner novel, no doubt.


Read through the attached piece of text ‘CLIMBING CRYB GOCH’ and spot the techniques which are specific to descriptive writing.

Go to our tutorials page or Follow this link.

Meeting closed at 1pm.


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