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First meeting of the new term: 5th September 2019 10am

Greetings Scribes.

I hope you are making the most of the summer break. Maybe cracking on with your writing projects or just chilling, if that is possible in August. You may even be having a crack at the writing prompt.

Just to remind you it is: Write about a dramatic event that ends up posing a question such as “how did this come about?” Or “What is happening here?” 500 words or so that will leave your reader wanting to find out more.

Then, as it is the summer break and if you are suitably inspired, go back and write the build up to your opening gambit. Remember the opening event should not be the culmination of the story, that should come at the end.

I hope to see you at the first meeting of the autumn term. Usual time and place Thursday 5th September 10.00am. All welcome.

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