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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 19 November 2020

Venue: Zoom


John Goodwin Jennie Rook Bob Barker Richard Powell Gina Angeletta

Greetings Scribes,

As always, we hope that you and your closest are healthy and safe.

A good meeting on Zoom due to the Cyprus mini lockdown.

Bob opened the meeting by presenting his new author branding and future book covers. He showed the group 3 concepts which had been designed by a Greek designer, asking for our feedback. We gave our views around font choices and sizes, title layouts, eye-catching colours and use of imagery. Bob has plenty of positive feedback to go back to his designer with.


Bob: a follow on chapter of his ‘Woman across the Street’ novel. The suspense just keeps building, well done Bob. We want to hear more.

Bob told us how he is researching about the language used by the US law enforcers and how he had an offer from a Sheriff’s office in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, to go over his text to ensure the language is authentic. Bob wrote to them, explaining who he was and what he was writing and could he have some feedback on language.

Bob asked Rick if he thought that the US market would be interested in his series, Rick replying that ‘the US market loves to read British crime novels.’ John also added that he marketed his ‘Norm and Digs’ book to the US and got quite a positive response with adults.

John: A piece from ‘Magnetic Pole’ where John received some feedback.

Bob felt he was not clear on whose POV the chapter was written from. It is Vicky but needs more clarity here. Also the term ‘predatory’ came upon the reader abruptly and directly. John mentioned that in previous scenes we get more descriptions of Zac’s creepy character. It was felt that there was perhaps too much speed from the dance scenes to dialogue to then leaving the party.

Rick: Another re-written and extended piece for ‘International Living’, the US magazine aimed at providing a scope and depth of ‘information about global travel, living, retiring, investing and real estate.’

The feedback from all was that it was a nice, well rounded article. It covered much of the life in Cyprus. Gina and Bob mentioned sports could have been covered too, if appropriate to the US market. Golf courses are very popular here and sailing having invested heavily in the Limassol, Latchi and Larnaca marinas. The Cyprus Rally and the Vintage Car rally may also be of interest to this market.

Gina: Something based on last week’s homework: Elephant in the room: From the internet – Elephants in the Room by Holly Stratton, the link is here:!t=1013

John: Following on from the elephant theme, John read a piece he’d written as a challenging homework to include various words, which he entitled as ‘Elephant on the plane.’

Rick: Chapter 10 of his POW story.

Feedback as follows; that it was very factual. Abrupt jump of story from life in camp to the Commander etc. Some felt that there was little emotion in the piece. Bob questioned what the purpose of the chapter was and that when Rick goes back over it, he may be able to extract detail for the rest of the novel. Nothing wasted.

Homework prompt:

Word of the Month

Take note of a word that is new to you, that you’ve overheard or read this month.

Write a piece around that word, making good use of its meaning. In any genre, up to 500 words.

For those attending the call or meeting, please send your piece to Jennie to upload to the PWG Zoom Group, or any other you would like feedback on.

Next meeting will be on: Thursday 26th November on Zoom.

For those interested and want to know more about Zoom, please go here for details:

For those interested in joining our PWG Online Skype group, please email us your skype name to add you to the group.

Thanks to all who attended. Stay healthy, safe and happy writing.


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