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Minutes of Meeting at Coral Star Taverna on 7th March 2024.

At venue: Rick, Mike, John E, Irene, Karen and Jenny King

On Skype: JohnG, Bobby and Bob.

Welcome Jenny King, a well travelled character who has led a full and interesting life which would make an interesting book.

John E. - Sadie Hawkins Day.

John’s story about his own ‘Sadie Hawkins’ who asked him out for a drink when they were both students and how their relationship continued through life until the present day???

John G. - Life on Earth.

The Earth is being destroyed by mankind, but there is something far worse waiting to happen. The reversal of the poles is due anytime now. The whole world will literally be turned upside down. Mankind will have no say in the outcome of things!!

The basic theme of a book is its writing.

Bobby – Wings of Courage Chapter 17.

Bayen gathers his army of birds and animals together. They confront Atol and his brothers, who are surprised to see Bayen alive and in charge. He forces them to admit killing his father.

Irene: My interpretation of Leap Year.

Based on the lyrics of a song by Leapy Lee, ‘Little Arrows,' she covers the different attitudes towards the extra day in different countries. The Greek Orthodox Church considers it unlucky to get married in a leap year.

Mike – Shotgun Diplomacy

The story of how one person’s life can spiral out of control when a marriage breaks down. Based on a true account from the offending party, who takes matters into his own hands. Don’t mix booze and firearms!!

Karen: The Cyprus Story

Continuing the story of Bert and Brenda, Brits who build and move into a Cypriot village without doing their homework first! Their ‘pet’ goat, 'Sid,' escapes on a stormy night and gets into Agassi’s store of bottled fruit; he eats her entire stock. Meanwhile, Bert’s satellite dish blows down in the wind. It all costs a lot of compensation, prompting him to make tracks back to Blighty.

A lively meeting with new faces which brought new sparkle to us all.



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