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Minutes of Meeting held at Coral Star Taverna 4th April 2024

At the venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Irene, John E., Glen, and newcomer Anne Rapely.

On Skype: John G, Bobby, Bob, and Jordi.


The website fees are due, so it was agreed that we should all put ten euros each into a fund. Patti, Glen, John E., Irene, Rick, Mike and Anne Rapely paid. Held by Mike, 70 euros in all.


Anne Rapely joined us for the first time. She lived in Africa in the 1970s and 1980s and wrote two cookbooks while there. She now lives in Cyprus and has written a book of ten stories about different people. It is called ‘Are you married or do you live in Kenya?’


Bob and John G rewrote the blurb for Jordi’s book; Jordi liked them both and it seems like he will use them.


Bobby – Wings Ch 20.

The three brothers are found guilty of murder, and the tribe members vote on whether death or banishment will be their fate. It is a split decision, with Odelyn holding the casting vote. Which way will she decide?...........


John G – Penmanship.

John finds a Quill pen and, after eventually finding a bottle of ink, proceeds to write in beautiful handwriting. He writes all night and runs out of ink. In order to carry on writing, he makes an incision in his hand and writes in his own blood! He wakes up in the hospital, close to death. Creepy!!


Rick - Ch 10 Stane Street

The section between Morden and Herton has been built many times, but the road can still be found if you know where to look. Nonsuch Park was built on it and destroyed by Henry VIII. Next week, Balham and into London.


Mike = The Fool in the Village

A country tale about the so-called village idiot who takes most things at face value with hilarious results.


Patti – April Fool’s Day

Patti delved back into history to find out why April 1st is All Fools Day. When the Gregorian calendar was established in 1582 by Pope Gregory XVIII, he moved the beginning of the year from April 1st to January 1st, so anyone who still celebrated in April was held up as a fool. This developed into what we have today, practical jokes and people made to feel foolish. But it stops at midday.


Irene – Who was Fooled.

This is a well-researched piece about the rise of Germany in the 1930s, when Hitler tried to unite all German-speaking countries to form the Third Reich. She went into her family history with surprising discoveries.


John E. – Suicide by Cop.

John tells the story of how a man in despair put himself in a situation where armed police had him cornered. Raising a gun as if to shoot the officer would result in his death. But luckily, the officer spotted that the gun was fake. A true story from John’s career as a police officer. It makes you realise how people act when mentally unbalanced.


Glen – April !st

Fun on the construction site as tricks are played on the new apprentices, a transgender worker in the office Perfume Pete daren’t go on site. Roger, the boss's son, has to price up the rubber flooring for a gymnasium, and somebody gives him the number of a rubber fetish club in Soho. Good fun was had by all in the 1970’s.


Next week’s theme is On the rebound.

Coral Star Taverna 10.30-12.30 11th April 2024


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