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Minutes of the Meeting of 12 November 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting: Gina, Rick, Derek, Michael, Dee.

Zoom attendees: Jennie, John, Bob.

Readings began with Michael from last week's homework: “Bonfire Night”. Gruesome tales from a picture postcard village called' Hampton in the Vale'. Which was very evocative. And read very well

John: Part of his whodunnit thriller. 'Locked room mystery' with, gun shot and a throat cut, with more to come.

Coffee break 12:00 to 12:10

Readings continued:

Dee 'Where Did it Go.'

Derek: 'Michael'. A well written piece about one of Derek's students. Who had all the signs of autism. And how it was not clearly recognized at this time. It was a stressful time for him, his parents, and indeed, his teachers.

Michael: 'Elephant in the room'. A real bunch of eccentrics and narcissists, all residents of the local village pub, far to engrossed with their own superficiality, they never even noticed the man in the corner dressed as an elephant. Witty imaginative and told with such integrity.

Bob: Continuing the work in progress. Bob's fourteen year old protagonist, who has a crush on Miriam, a fortyish very attractive woman. And a male stranger who is very mysterious, who she invites to her house. However, our young main character is apprehensive about him. Be interesting to find out what happens next?

Gina: from last week's homework “Bonfire night.” A truly distressing terribly sad, real life story of how Gina's two beautiful horses were fatally injured by fireworks.

John: the conclusion of his “Locked Room Mystery.” A cleverly contrived conclusion.

Please note that due to Covid 19 regulations there will be no further physical meetings this month.

However if would like to join us on Zoom contact Gina or John and we will send you a simple link to click on.

Writing Prompt for next week- “Plan B”

Meeting closed at 1pm


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