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Minutes of Our meeting 29th February 2024 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Irene, Jackie, Jordi and Glen

On Skype: JohnG, Bobby and Bob.


John is coming to Cyprus mid May for Jenny Rook’s wedding and will be attending the meeting of the group that week.


Rick – Chapter 8 of Rick's YouTube video of his book on the Roman road Stane Street. Dorking to Epsom.


Bobby – Wings of Courage Chapter 16.

The group heads home after hearing the news that the community is in disarray. Bayen sends a message to his mother that he is on the way back. The magpies fly on ahead. Trixie’s mistress prepares for a showdown with her husband. The animals prepare for an attack under the guidance of Bayen.


Jackie – Covid memories.

Jackie and Karen prepare for a cruise around the West Indies, then across to the Med. They upgraded to first class for the flight to Barbados. COVID strikes, and the cruise is curtailed and diverted to Southampton. There were no flights back to Cyprus so she stayed with Karen in the UK. The friendship breaks down, and she is glad to get home to Cyprus, where, after three months, she is welcomed back by her three cats.


Patti – Covid

Patti’s study of facts and figures about the ongoing COVID situation throughout Europe up to the present day. It is surprising how prevalent it still is, but the news switches to other important situations, like Ukraine and the Gaza wars.


Mike – Covid Stories

The humorous story of two couples who are neighbours and how the lockdown affected their daily lives.


Followed by a debate about the use of strong language in writing, how it can project the mood of the conversation, and whether a warning should be issued before reading.


Irene – Covid. Lockdown in Cyprus

Irene receives phone calls from her sons in Europe about the unfolding COVID pandemic in 2019. She is advised to stay here in Cyprus. What was it all about? Is it all over yet?


John G - UK or bust!!

John recalls going back to the UK after seventeen years in Cyprus, selling up, planning where to live, and eventually going back to Lockdown!!


Jordi – Odyssey the final part. (Really?)

Homer's account of Odysseus’s journeys with the Phoenesians and how they invented games to pass the time away. Another piece full of facts and figures. His theory is that the Odyssey was written from a female point of view by Nausicaa. Who knows the truth?


Glen – My Covid story.

Glen’s account of Christmas 2019, and how it all turned into the pandemic in Cyprus. Restrictions, SMS messages for permission to go out, police, and Army checks. Walking the dog, keeping fit, and generally obeying the rules to keep safe.


An interesting meeting covering a variety of subjects, from Odysseus to Magpies, Covid stories, a Roman road, and strong language.





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