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Minutes of the Meeting: 08 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar.

Present: June-Rick-Dee-Gina- Derek.

Zoom Attendees: Jennie-John-Bob

Greeting fellow Writers.

Gina opened the meeting and acted as our chair for the session.

Readings Began with Derek: Homework form last weeks’ challenge, a synopsis of your favourite book. Which is ‘Staying on’ by Paul Scott, which won the Booker Prize in 1977.

A very well crafted summary, of events that eventually Led up to the final days of British Empire. Some interesting feedback ensued from Bob, Jennie and John.

Coffee break 12 o’clock till 12-15

Readings continued with John from last weeks’ homework. “If you could stop time”. A complex, cleverly devised piece of prose and poem, tackling the problems of time, very John.

Readings from. Again from last weeks’ Homework:

Gina chose to write a synopsis on her favourite book ‘Better Late Than Never’. By Simon Sparrow. ‘Tells of accurate historical events that took place when the Roman Emperor Claudius, and his cohorts and legions invaded ancient Briton and invariably led to the demise of the mighty Roman Empire.

Readings continued with Rick: from his World War II novel. Chapter 7 “Mike and Valerie”. A love story is blossoming,

Discussion on Ricks story followed with positive feedback from Bob and John.

Readings: Dee ‘Medusa Manor’. The beginning of a story for children.

Bob read his interpretation of June’s synopsis. June also contributed with her own version of a synopsis, for her autobiography, “Tea and Symphony”.

Discussion followed on both versions.

June was advised that she should contact agents regarding her book via email.

Next week’s homework- Create a character who discovers something about a past event, that changes the way it is perceived.

Meeting closed at 1pm.


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