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Minutes of our meeting of 9th November 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Jackie, Tony, John, Irene, Bob

On Skype, John G, Bobby, Jordi had covid get well soon.


Bobby – Georgie and the bird that feared heights.

A children’s story about a flock of Magpies, one of the magpies has died, leaving three chicks and an unhatched one to survive. There is a strict regime in the flock with each bird assigned a task. The ruling council deals out punishments to those who do not toe the line. An interesting story aimed at eleven year olds. Maybe the hardest readership to please as was pointed out to Bobby. Good to see how it unfolds.

Irene – Death and Rebirth

A true life story of how she personally suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a leaking exhaust system on her car. Baffling doctors in the UK until she came to Cyprus where a researcher advised her what was the best solution. Her recovery took over a year. Comparing her story to the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Rick – Ch 13 Missing Paintings. Saturday in London.

Mike and Valerie go to London to bid on some pictures at Christies and try to locate the galleries without much success. They meet for lunch and the information on Podorski (Parkes) is confirmed. Later at the auction their presence is reported back to Edwards…..

Mike – Death and Rebirth.

The history of the BBC, and how eventually they had to move with the times in order to keep their audiences. Changing times indeed.

Patti – Reincarnation of Omm Sety

The story of Dorothy Eady who recovers from a near death fall when she was a small child and seems to have acquired a knowledge of Ancient Eygypt. After marrying and living in Cairo she had a child, got divorced and became an acknowledged expert on Pharoah Omm Sety. Another true occurrence from Patti’s interesting past.

John G – The Counts Lament

A poem about a vampires last lament for existence at last.

John E – The Trojan Horse

A police trap is set up in London to catch a murderer from Bristol. Two CID officers from Bristol are observing to pinpoint the suspect, he makes an appearance, no confirmation from the Bristol boys, but the squad goes in anyway. Bristol boys had gone to sleep!!

Tony – Life and Death

Frustrations with his computer which seems to have a mind of its own. Would it destroy itself if asked the question WHY? Followed by an investigation into the chopping down of Robin Hoods Tree or The Sycamore Gap, was it mischievous vandalism or an act of a professional woodsman. Can it be re-born?

Bob – Ch 63 Breathe Free

Jess pulls Jamie away from Meghan, and she slowly recovers, Carver leaves the room and raises the alarm. He calls for help a doctor an ambulance or even first aid. Talking to Vasilis on the phone he tells him the situation then realizes that the gun is still in the room with Meghan and Jess. A shot rings out, Jamie returns to the room to find Jess propped up and Meghan dead shot through the head!! THE END or is it?

Another packed meeting but we got it all in this week.

Next week’s theme ‘SOMEONES WAITING FOR ME’


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