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Minutes of Our Meeting of 8th June 2023. Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Present at the venue: Patti, Jordi, June & Rick.

On Skype: John and Nikki

The meeting opened with a discussion about the proposed cover for Bobby’s next book. It was generally agreed that the information on the back was a synopsis and too long. Nikki undertook to come up with further suggestions for Bobby to consider.

Patti then read her homework contribution from the previous week, entitled 'The Future of Mankind.' The dangers of climate change to life on earth were highlighted and the need for the matter to be urgently addressed before it is too late. Or will it be possible for scientists and technology to solve the problem in time?

June gave her contribution to the homework subject, ’Summer Madness’, giving possible reasons for how and why acts of violence and foolishness occur during Midsummer, when temperatures are at their highest. Examples were also given of summer madness appearing in literature and music .

Rick continued with the latest chapter, No. 5, entitled 'Bridge at Arnhem’ from the third book in the Mike and Valerie series. They have been introduced to Gina and have undertaken to help find her lost painting. They visit Arnhem with her, where she introduces them to a friend, who relates the terrible events which took place there during the second World War.

Nikki was welcomed back and she entertained us with her contribution to this week’s prompt, a witty poem entitled 'Click and Cancel', in which she describes in verse her frustrations while searching for the ideal winter holiday destination.

Jordi treated us to various possibilities as to the true identity of Robin Hood. Who was he really, did he actually exist or was he purely a legendary figure? Jordi appears to have discovered the answer!

John concluded the meeting with Chapters 27 (Hot Air) and 28 (Over the Edge), of his latest 'Norm & Digs' adventure. The crew see a worrying image in the distance. Panic ensues as they try desperately to launch their hot air balloon, which slips its moorings and heads towards the edge of the maelstrom, where it disappears. We last see the boat beginning to break up and heading towards the waterfall.

Next week’s prompt, suggested by Nikki - 'The Bill.'




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