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Minutes of our meeting of 7th September 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna

At Venue Jenny Rooke, June, Peter, Patti, Mike and Rick.

On Skype Bob and John.

Due to technical difficulties the Skype connection failed so next week for Bob and John.

We welcomed Jenny Rooke, back to the live group after traveling.

Rick opened up the new season with his U.Tube film showing the delights of Paphos Harbour from a tourist’s viewpoint.

Peter ‘Oh my Goddess’

A fantasy based account of how the universe is controlled by two Goddesses who are controlling events in the Universe while drinking Ambrosia and enjoying themselves. A second or even a third big bang is needed to start it all again until one of them falls through the clouds and gets marooned on the planet. As usual it’s thought provoking stuff.

Mike ‘Love it or Hate it’

The good and bad points about Marmite well do you or don’t you?

Patti ‘Season of Summer Madness’

An on the spot account of the troubles with migrant communities in Chlorakas and Emba. Patti used her journalistic skills to get her point across.

Rick ‘Progress in Lewes’

Chapter nine in Rick’s book explanations as to why the art restorer was murdered which raises the question of who is involved and where are the paintings going? Worries about the DI in police headquarters how straight is he?

Jenny ‘The Quill’

Jenny brought in her maroon coloured quill pen and gave an account of how beautiful it was to write with. She achieved two hundred and fifty words per nib dip.

A lively first meeting with plenty of discussion.

Next week’s theme AUTUMN


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