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Minutes of Our Meeting of 6th July 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

We are taking a break for the summer so the last meeting until September 7th

At venue: Rick, Mike, Peter and Patti

On Skype: John, Bob, June, Dee

The Meeting Started at 10.30 with readings:

John: A short Thesis on Antisocial Behavior in Socks.

An in depth study of the life of socks using as many trite sayings as possible as written by someone plainly with a sock fettish.

Patti: Reincarnation.

Well researched examples of reincarnation throughout ancient and modern history. Her account of an encounter with a ‘bad’ voodoo presence in Africa and how she dealt with it. Followed by an account of a personal reincarnation memory of being an Egyptian princess. As usual very interesting and well presented.

Mike: Reincarnation.

The story of a reincarnation group with a strong belief in being born again. With the death of one of its members contact is made but does not produce the results that they hoped for.

Rick: Past Life.

Rick’s story of a hypnotherapist who helped cure his migraine attacks by regressing back to the time when he was a warrior and sustained an injury to the head. Leading on to the story of regression of a man to a young gypsy girl who was murdered for stealing money. Creepy!

June: Moulin de Callac & The Guillous (From Breton Tales)

When June and Charles were renovating their home in France in 1990’s they stayed in a guest house. Charles had an accident prone long weekend on his own. All part of the French adventure.

Dee: Temptation.

A young widowed woman visits the confessional box and is very attracted to the priest that she can barely see. Convinced she is in love she feels obliged to apologise to God.

Dee is back!

Peter: The Spoils of Nature.

An idea of a three act play set in the function room of a pub. A girl lies about her fiancé having a gambling addiction and ‘interviews his friends and relatives one at a time to form an overall picture of the man’s character. The final act is an analysis and the outcome.

That’s all folks! Until September 7th. Have a good summer break.


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