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Minutes of Our Meeting of 5th October 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Meeting started 10.30

At venue : Rick, Mike, Patti and June.

On Skype : John and Bob.

The meeting started with a discussion about joining P3A in order to boost numbers.

Patti will compose a letter and make contact.

John – Socks in the city.

The fourth part in the trilogy about socks explains how brightly coloured jazzy socks can let you down in business. Black is the preferred sensible colour, but who wants to be sensible?

Mike – The Gentleman Farmer.

A tale of a reluctant engineer who would much rather be a Country Gent. With hilarious results.

Patti – Forty Acres and a Mule.

The end of slavery in America meant that black men were able to own land in the late 1800s, packages of forty acres and a mule were available. Some men made it most didn’t the story of Farmer Boyd, a black farmer with a huge amount of land who was with Barrack Obama when a large amount of money was awarded by the government.

Another well researched piece of American history.

Bob – Chapter 59 Breathe Free.

The events in the room as seen through Erin’s eyes is this real or just another play acting scenario. She sees her opportunity when the police arrive, and in the confusion kicks the chair away, hanging Edmund Hart. Megan disappears

Rick – The North Laine Brighton.

A descriptive piece about the Bohemian area in Brighton, for a magazine article.

The area was brought back from a derelict site to what it is now the biggest antique/car boot area in the south east.

The meeting ended before midday.

Next week’s theme - Halloween.


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