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Minutes of our meeting of 30th September 2021 Venue Neo's and on Skype.

Greetings fellow writers.

Meeting commenced at 10-35. Present at Neos: Gina, Rick, Eddie, June, Derek, Michael.

On Skype: Dee, Jennifer, Bob, Nikki, John.

Jennifer announced that her little children’s book ‘Ella the Cyprus Hunting Dog’ is now with the printers and will be available for distribution soon. It is intended to raise money for Cyprus animal charities. She has personally paid for an initial run of 1000 books and would like anyone who can help promote their sale to get in touch.

Readings began with:

Jennifer: 'Into the Ocean Waves' A sad poem, based on a previous prompt,

and 'I Wish I'd. . .’ A light reflective poem.

June: 'Unfulfilled Ambition' Another section of June's book which is in the final edit stage.

Bob: Extract from 'Breathe Again' Out now on Amazon.

Eddie: Our old poet pal returns to us with wonderful and often instant poems as usual: 'The Forum', and 'Ways of Love' Lovely to see you Eddie

Rick 'The Death of a Journalist'. Based on the assassination of a Turkish reporter who knew too much. Incorporating the segregation of the north and south Cyprus.

Coffee break-11-19-11-34

Derek: 'A Different Day'. A well observed account of everyday life throughout the Covid 19 lockdown.

Followed by 'Regret'. (Based on the I wish I'd . . . writing prompt) Reflecting back on what he wished he had done in former years.

Nikki 'Pauine'. A section of a work in progress. A new potential novel.

John-'I Wish I'd . . . Done my Homework' A ditty about the homework prompt.

Nikki: 'I Wish I'd . . .’ An amusing tale about too many plastic bags.

Mike- 'I Wish I'd . . . Had More Time.’ A sad poem of a man coming to terms with his impending demise.

And the continuation of ‘The Stowaway’ but in poem form.

Eddie-'My Wedding Day' A wonderful comical poem.

Gina- 'Wish I'd . . . Looked After my Bits' A story of Gina's accident prone past

Dee 'Continuation of ‘The Ghost of Morse'

Prompt for next week. 'Silence'

Meeting closed at 12 20. Thanks to all who physically, or virtually attended. Thanks to Gina and Rick who set up Skype and conducted proceedings and Dee for taking the minutes.


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