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Minutes of our Meeting of 2nd November 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At Venue – Rick, Mike, Jordi, Patti, Bobby, Irene, Elaine, Bob. Returning member John Eaten, New members Tony Landamour a published author and Jackie Rushworth a proof reader and a journal writer.

On Skype – John G.

We welcomed the new members, Tony and Jackie.


Irene – Fire.

A comparison between kindling a fire and pregnancy, if everything goes right both reach a satisfactory conclusion. Thought peovoking.

Patti – The Wicker Man.

The tale of the sacking of a village by Roman Soldiers, two children are rescued by Merlin and taken to Anglesey where every year a huge wicker man is filled with crops and baby animals, then set on fire as a sacrifice. The Children discover that they are to be included in the next sacrifice. They escape and find a coracle on the beach. Eventually ending up in Ireland. Very interesting and well researched as always, story of the times.

Mike – FIRE!

Exploring the many different meanings of the word, but in the end the result is always destruction!

Elaine – Fire.

Another dip into her autobiography, when the family lived in a prefab and father was straying from the fold. A demolition order was issued (on the building not him) and a fire was the final straw. Can’t wait for the whole book.

Jordi – The Odyssey.

An investigation into Homers’ poetry to verify history and Odysseus’ stories about his travels or were they all lies?

On return to Ithicas Odysseus met Athena who called him a liar. All Cretans are liars, so if a Cretan tells you that, is he lying???

Bob – Ch 61 Breathe Free.

Jamie rushes to Jesses help and tries to revive her with success, Megan wants them to flee the scene, Jamie reacts violently by disarming her then wrestling her to the ground. He puts his hands around her throat strangling her and she loses consciousness……..

John G – As long as he’s got a hole in his arse!

1971, John makes a career move into the scaffolding trade at only eight stone four unlikely to become a scaffolder. He restored the equipment, oiled the bolts and painted the fittings claret. Part one of hopefully a funny Memoir.

John E – The police raid

A true account of how a well planned raid on a drug gang can go wrong with bad information. Very punchy exciting stuff full of action.

Shortage of time meant that Rick and Bobbies work would have to wait until next week.

A very well attended meeting with a good variation of subjects.

Theme for next week DEATH AND REBIRTH.


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