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Minutes of our Meeting of 23rd November 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue: Rick, Mike, Bobby, Irene, Bob, Patti, Jackie, John E. Richard.

On Skype: John G. June.

Meeting started at 10.30am with readings:

Jackie – Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat.

The story of a pair of geese with goslings causing mayhem in Cyprus, stealing the cat food and attacking humans and anything else that threatens them. True and amusing story.

Bob – Epilogue to Breathe Free part one.

Jamie Carver is back in the UK informing ‘The Duke’ of all the events that occurred in Cyprus, when he went ‘missing’. Although with the Dukes declining health he isn’t sure how much he takes in. He later meets up with Rosanna and Jason in a restaurant in Colwyn Bay discussing his future.

Part two next week.

Irene – Christmas is coming……

The umbrella is a Christmas symbol in decorations around Paphos. Umbrellas originated in China about 3,000BC and appear as protective canopies from heaven against evil. Irene recalls many of the umbrellas she has owned throughout her life with affection.

Rick – U Tube presentation of Ch 2 of Stane Street its only 15 chapters Rick.

Bobby – The tribe of Magpies.

The court of three brothers carries on trying the Magpies, handing out harsh punishments. But Odelin suspects that they are responsible for the death of her husband. Other birds are starting to join her suspicions. Unrolling well.

John G. – Lucy and the Manx Turkey.

A story for children, Dad brings home a box for daughter Lucy, what is in it? A manx racing turkey, who runs amok in the kitchen and then the garden. A TURKEY IS FOR CHRISTMAS NOT FOR LIFE!

Mike – Christmas is coming.

An old man’s run of bad luck carries on through Christmas, but seems to improve on Christmas Day or does it?

Patti – Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…

Christmas story of a poor family one daughter and twin boys they go to the sweet shop for a treat, Italian sweet shop owner is generous to them. Mother gats a letter from Dad who is away with the army he will be home tomorrow. He arrives bearing gifts from India and news that he has promotion with more money. So they go to buy a goose!

A fictional story this time to fit the theme.

Rick – Black Friday

Rick’s analysis of the sales hype which started in USA and has spread all over the world with quirky advertising selling good that people don’t really want. Makes you think.

John E. The In-laws come every year for Christmas, then Mum in law dies, Dad in law gets a new girlfriend, gets drunk and reveals his chequered past…

Richard – Basketful of creatures.

The story of his childhood in Rhodesia his adventure books and a pet budgie, who dies and gets replaced. without him noticing. He befriends an old African man who teaches him bushcrafts. Ongoing story . . .

Theme for next week FLIES.

There will be a break over Christmas, last meeting will be 21st December resuming on January 4th 2024.


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