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Minutes of Our Meeting of 21st September 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue Rick, Mike and Patti.

On Skype John and Bob.

Readings Started at 10.30 as follows:

Mike: Saturday Night.

Billy Barton, newly divorced goes out on a Saturday Night to find female company, but things don’t turn out as expected…

Patti: A Poem and a Story

A poem from Patti telling what club life was like in the sixties and seventies, for young girls, people on drugs or drink, but she survived.

Then she related a story about the night life in clubs in Windsor and who she saw there. Very nostalgic memories of a different lifestyle to what we have now.

This prompted John to recall his time in the early sixties at The Marquee, The Flamingo and Ronnie Scotts eating Chicken Kiev in his best clobber and getting covered in melted butter.

John: Life Among the Jet Socks.

Socks in the upper class sector, Sportsmen’s lucky socks never washed phew. The third part in the sock trilogy, two more parts to come???

Rick: Chapter 11 Who is Parkes?

During the investigation after the fire at Parkes’ house a box containing all the equipment for forging documentation verifying the provenance of fake pictures as genuine originals. Back in Brighton DI Blake wants all the information gathered so far but what does he need it for?

Bob: Breathe Free Chapter 54

Carver and Megan are held captive by Edmond Hart. He threatens to shoot Megan if Carver doesn’t do as he says. Carver refuses to comply, then Megan opens up, it was all a sham. Carver lets information slip about what they did in America. This causes Hart to lose his temper. Megan picks up the gun and points it at…

Attendance was low this week, if you have drifted away, drift back pick up the pen and write something.

Next week’s theme OCTOBER.


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