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MINUTES OF OUR MEETING of 21st DEC 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

At venue : Rick, Mike, Patti, June and Jackie

On Skype : John, Bobby, Bob, Peter and Irene.


June’s book is published at last and available on Amazon and kindle.


Bobby – Magpies Ch 7

Changed Dark light to Velvet black.

Bayen’s journey to see the king, Pendragon, continues with his friends, The fox goes hunting for his supper catches a chicken which alarms Bayen as he feels that he could be on the menu soon. He is reassured that he is far too important for that to happen, but they keep the fact that he will have to complete the last leg of the journey alone. They reach a river and are helped across by a colony of water rats. The next part is to cross the City!!

Jackie pointed out a few formatting errors.


John – Serandipity.

A rhyme cleverly weaving words to make an amusing Poem.


Mike – Merry Christmas for some.

Father Christmas completes his annual mammoth task, comes back home to relax and clean then prepare the sleigh for next year. But Fairy Serandipity is annoying him so much he has to do something to shut her up!


Irene – Aspects of serendipity.

More memoirs of Irene’s childhood living in the Scottish borders, scrumping the fruit trees and other mischief, Her grandfather had a fascinating clock repair shop. Then the family moved to Doncaster a new house and a new life.


Peter – A Scene from his play. Overentitled.

Another script read by members of the group,

Sebastian talks to the Inspector.


June – Memories of her childhood at school, piano lessons and classical music then the death of her Father, changes things. On leaving school she becomes a secretary but has to travel across London to work every day. Her boyfriend spots a job advertisement for an opera company in Covent Garden the rest as they say is history.


Theme for the next meeting Christmas Passed (or Past)


That concludes the year of 2023, next meeting is January 4th 2024.






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