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Minutes of our Meeting of 19th October 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

At venue Rick, Mike and Patti

On Skype John and Bob.

The meeting started with a progress report on joining P3A group.

More developments to follow.

John – Halloween

A short piece on the development of trick or treating, a good way of using the excesses of sugar that had built up over the war years. In the nineteen fifties it spread world wide in the western world with devastating health and dental issues!

Mike – A life changing event

One thousand (or so) words covering thirty years in the removals industry from the start to the finish. From a ‘white van man’ to a successful removal company until the recession in 2008.

Rick – A boat ride to Ocean Falls.

After landing a job at a remote paper mill in Canada, Rick and a friend take his boat on a perilous trip up the western coast of Canada with very little experience and a lot of good luck. There must be a lot more in this adventure…….

Bob – Breathe Free chapter 61.

Jamie and Jess confront Meghan in the hotel room, all packed up and ready to go. She then reveals that the plan was that Jamie and her were going together, and even shows Jess the ticket in Jamie’s name. Jamie tries to convince Jess that it isn’t true, but what does she really think?

Jess attempts to call Vasilis, but Megan still has the gun, and uses it. Jess falls to the floor…….

Another sparse meeting which wound up at eleven forty five.

Next week’s theme A true incident in your life. Suggested by John.


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