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Minutes of Our Meeting of 16th November 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna, Pegeia. Cyprus.

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, June, Irene, John E, Jenny, Tony, Bob, Richard Forrest.

On Skype: John G, Bobby.

Introducing new member: Richard Forrest, writing children’s books, and publishing his mother’s memoirs and memories of growing up in Rhodesia.

Rick has produced for U Tube a narrated version of chapter one of Stane Street, his travelogue of the roman road in England. A five minute film which takes a lot longer to produce than that.

There followed Readings:

Bobby: Chapter two of the Magpie tribal story.

Bobby has changed the names to the old English versions which everybody agreed worked better. A good story is unfolding.

Patti: Someone’s waiting for me.

Another chapter from her life, when she lived in a hotel in Knighton on the welsh border and was invited to ride out with a local stables early mornings followed by a hearty breakfast. A heartwarming story again.

John G Fire! Happy Birthday.

A Wealthy family’s 21st birthday party for their granddaughter with a Firework Finale. Explosive ending! The start of something new for John.

Irene: Someone’s waiting for me.

The story of Irene and her younger brother, Keith, the family were moving around the country and having to learn the different accents in order to fit in. Then in later life following the deaths of her parents and elder brother, they keep in touch. Finally Keith has cancer and Irene gets that final message to come quickly as he hasn’t got much time left. Someone was waiting for her! Good story.

Mike: Someone’s waiting for me

It’s Grahams Stag Night and all is going well, until the Strip o gram girl arrives, dressed as a policewoman. Graham gets a bit too close and ends up getting ‘arrested’.

He gets handcuffed and taken to a cash machine where the ‘policewoman’ forces him, under threat, to empty his accounts. Laughing at him he is left to sort himself out. At the police station he makes up a story to not make himself look stupid. Then gets offered a lift home with his policewoman!!

Tony: Dreams.

An analysis of his dreams, relatives on a bus driving away from him, Michelle Pfeiffer dressed as Catwoman …

Prince William and him riding together across the countryside and best of all, Sherlock Holmes discovers a lake under his house inhabited by lizard men. A psychiatrist would have a field day!

June: Breton Tales.

Another story from June’s Breton period where they meet an itinerant worker, doing architectural renovation work, when you can get him out of the pub! They have to tie him down to a deadline, which he manages to meet. Another fascinating true tale of her experiences.

John E. Tired of waiting for you…

Experiences of a police armed response team in a hostage situation who have to wait and wait and wait until the negotiation team have tried all avenues. ‘Operation teapot’ is the refreshment vehicle for the bored team. Until finally they get the call to go in, things don’t always go according to plan. But better than the night in with his in-laws that was planned!

Jenny: Some ones waiting for me.

The story of finding a stray puppy in a supermarket car park – for keeps! AAHH

Richard Forrest: A basketful of creatures!

Richard’s childhood in Rhodesia, as an eight to twelve year old wandering through the bush barefoot, collecting creatures for his zoo or food for his owl.

All part of his story book for children. Good stuff!

Bob’s Epilogue of ‘Breathe Free’ will be read next week as we ran out of time.

Next week’s theme - CHRISTMAS IS COMING.


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