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Minutes of Our Meeting of 14th September 2023. Venue: Coral Star Taverna. Pegeia Cyprus.

At venue : Mike, Rick, Patti and Peter

On Skype : John and Bob

The Meeting Opened at 10.30 with readings as follows:

Patti - Autumn Festivals.

An interesting observation of different Autumnal festivals across Europe, from German bierfests to Irish oyster festivals, As always well researched and well described.

John – The sock in winter

A humourous look at the winter life of socks that are shut away all summer then brought out in Autumn time for the winter period. For some it will be their last winter. A very funny pun and cliché ridden piece from John’s series on knitted footwear.

Mike – A memorable morning

This was an emotional journey back into life in the 1950’s when everything was less hectic. But the need for everything to move on and go quicker and quicker was just beginning.

Peter – What Andrei knew

A dark tale of assassination in Russia, Andrei has just killed Ivan and muses on the outcome of his actions, preparing for his own death which he thinks will be soon. He has an encounter with the Grim Reaper who informs him of the long life ahead of him.

A macabre story of which Peter seems to be the master.

Rick – Chapter 10 Progress

A good descriptive piece showing Valerie’s sensual side, also the delicious breakfast and lunch menus. Followed by the unrolling of what they have uncovered regarding the stolen Art and of course the death of Parkes. Kevin has information from contacts in the underworld………

Bob – Chapter 52 Breathe Free

The Cyprus police, with Jess, conduct an armed raid using an armoured vehicle on loan from the British army, on a large house in Kathikas. After smashing their way in, they realize that they have the wrong address! Sort that insurance claim out.

An interesting meeting picking up both Rick and Bobs ongoing books.

The meeting ended at 12.30

Next week’s theme ‘Saturday Night’ suggested by Patti.


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