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Minutes of Our Meeting of 14th December 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At Venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, and two new faces Craig and Stephen.

On Skype: John, Bobby, Irene and Peter.


Rick – U tube video Chapter 4 Stane Street.

We reach Pulborough village which has three bridges over the river Arun and over a hundred listed buildings. Steeped in history from Roman settlement to present day.


Bobby – Fearful Wings.

The story of the Magpie flock rolls out with Bayen being taken under cover to the King, Pendragon and meets many friends of his father along the way.


Irene – Pub Lunches.

Memories of pub lunches with her father when she was a child, delicious food all served with chips, or mash. Then in later life Late drinks in Scottish pubs then moving on to Tavernas in Cyprus. The menus all sound great!


Mike – Pub Lunches.

The origin of pub lunches to get people in at lunchtime, Ploughman’s lunch invented for ‘Townies’ who want to feel part of the countryside.


Patti – The Christmas Tree.

The story of the annual presentation of a Norwegian Spruce Christmas tree from the people of Norway to the United Kingdom, this time from the tree’s point of view. It feels proud of the tradition as it takes its place in Trafalgar Square.


Rick – Ch 14 Another Painting.

Set in Brighton in 1948 Edwards and his girlfriend have a day in Brighton, before checking in to the Argos Hotel. Murray follows Randy Hoskins and sees him take a picture to  Edwards at the hotel. Murray phones Blake from a call box, but as he opens the door, Hoskins is waiting with an open razor and slashes his throat. Leaving him dead in the phone box……….


John – Black Friday

A humorous poem about on line shopping and how you can be caught out.


Craig – Tree.

A description of how a tree feels being cut down, then processed into planks!


Next week’s theme  SERENDIPITY.


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