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Minutes of our meeting of 12th October 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna, Pegeia, Cyprus.

At venue Rick and Mike

On Skype Bob and John

We started with an ongoing discussion about joining up with P3A, followed by readings:

Mike – Which Witch

The story of the transformation of wicked witches into …….?

Patti – Halloween (read very well by Bob.)

A girl is invited to a devil worshipping meeting, held on Halloween Night, supposedly a bit of fun but with terrifying results. Based on a true episode in Patti’s very interesting earlier life.

Rick – Lace.

The village of Lefkara in Cyprus, famous for lace making is visited by Leonardo De Vinci in the fifteenth century, who has a relationship with Valentina the best lace maker. He takes an alter cloth back to Milan Cathedral. The alter cloth is used in his painting of the last supper. Valentina pines for her lover and dies without seeing him again only to haunt the village for years. Three hundred years later the village is visited by a man determined to face the ghost. He explains that De Vinci is long dead himself and won’t be coming back. A very descriptive and realistic piece of fiction by Rick.

John – I’m dying to tell you this.

A very descriptive piece about a man falling to his death and what follows on to his spirit, as he tries to stay in touch with his life. A very amusing view of what possibly happens after death.

Bob – Breathe Free Chapter sixty

Megan returns to her hotel and begins her escape plan via Ercan airport in the occupied northern part of the Island, the manager of the hotel Kouriakis helps her all he can. There is a knock on the door of her room she opens it to reveal Kouriakis with Jamie and Jess!!

A very sparse meeting with only Rick and Mike turning up. Where is everybody?

John was asked to share the collection of tutorials retained over the years and has posted one on Writing an Autobiography to our Skype page.

Theme for next week – A thousand words on a major life changing experience in your past.


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