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MINUTES OF MEETING of 22 JUNE 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

At venue. Rick, Mike, Bob, Peter and Patti

On Skype. John, June and Dee.

Meeting Started at 10.30am with readings:

John: The Marshal Case. The Detective.

An investigation into a death, brings forward an ex wife who will not give any information about her life for the last twenty five years. Ongoing new story from John which will open up more each week.

Patti: Summer Solstice

A true account of an experience she had witnessed when a group of people attempted to raise the ghost of Herne the Hunter in Windsor Great Park. The results changed their lives forever!

Peter suggested that it would make a good folk song. He would look into it.

Mike: The Summer Solstice

Whoever is in charge of the Universe, observe the position of the Earth and decide to try an experiment. Giving a couple of million years they return, to find things have all gone wrong. So on the Summer Solstice they eliminate the planet without disturbing the rest of the Galaxy and therefore protect the delicate balance of the Universe.

June: Summer Solstice

A well researched piece into various constructions all over the world all centred on the Summer Solstice. Who or what built them?

Bob: Breathe Free Ch 46.

Jamie Carver examines the murder scene with mixed feelings having known the victim. Vasilis raise the question of Megan Cranes possible involvement which he discounts. Before he returns to Megan he is taken to police HQ where he meets up with Jess!!

Rick: Chapter 4 Death in Iford

Max is investigating another murder connected to the art world, and involves Mike, Valerie and his wife, little knowing that his wife knows more than she is saying.

Peter: Satanist Anonymous.

More madcap adventures from his script for a TV pilot sitcom. Very funny and off the wall comedy.

Dee: The Priest.

Dee’s story of a young girls’obsession with a handsome priest. She will finish reading it next week.

John: read an electronic A. I. poem generated from the prompt. Shakespearian based rhyme. All produced within a few minutes. Being an electronic device it must have an on/off button!

Prompt subject For Next week: ‘The Family’


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