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Minutes of the PWG meeting on 10th February 2022

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting Via skype: Gina, Nikki, Bob.

At the Coral Star: Dee, June, John G, Michael, Rick.

Meeting commenced at 10-30 am with readings:

Mike: 'Mister fix it and how it can go wrong for you'. An entertaining start to the meeting about repairs. Followed by 'Favourite song'. memories of Mike's childhood TV favourites. Prompted by last week's prompt.

Rick: Chp 11 Bognor Regis, Felpham to Pagham'. A continuation of his south coast travelogue.

June: 'A special musical memory'. Extract from her memoir. 'Tea and Symphony'.

John: 'The Wedding.' This is the true account of his and Jean's wedding.

Bob: 'Keep the gate Closed'. CH 4. The continuation of Bob's, eerie story

Nikki: 'Tunes my Tunes'. A story using song titles. Cleverly devised.

Followed by 'Every breath you take'. A story of a controlling womanizer.

Gina: 'Musical Memories'. Evocative tunes and artistes that we all remember.

Thank you to all who attended physically or virtually. See you next week. Thanks to Rick, who sets up skype for us. And Gina, who deals with all communication matters and Dee Leigh for the Minutes

Prompt for next week: 'More Musical Memories'


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