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MINUTES of OUR MEETING of 15th February 2024 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue: Rick, Mike, Jordi, Jackie, Irene and Glen.

On Skype: John G, Bobby and Bob.


Bob Barker has published his double novella .

 Did You Lock The Gate

The meeting started at 10.30am with readings:

Bobby – Magpies Ch 14

The helicopter takes them to an airport, where Trixie goes to the departure board to find out which plane to catch for Gatwick.

She gathers the rest of the group together and they make their way to gate 12. The luggage hold is open but where is Bayen……..


Jordi – The Odyssey

Jordi’s investigation into monsters and adverse weather conditions asks the question true or false? Descriptions of water spouts explained as dragons from the sky taking a drink from the sea, multi headed sea creatures are actually a group of seals. Intriguing stuff, what is the truth?


Irene – Erotica explained

Words that stir up feelings, paintings that excite, sculptures that had genitalia removed for the sake of decency in Spain under General Franco, books and records that were banned because of erotic content, then sold like hot cakes!! Irene investigates the lot.


Mike – Parker’s Night Off.

 Lady Penelope returns home to find her chauffer is taking extra care of her wardrobe.


Glen – London 1970

Glen recalls his youth in 1970, girlfriends, his first job at fourteen working with his Uncle delivering print work to backstreet bookshops. But don’t tell Mum!!


JohnG. – writing about sex.

John refers to the tutorial on the PWG website and how to tackle it. He then read ‘Lady Hillingdon’s Fantasy a vampire calls’ about a lady’s hopes as footsteps come along the landing and how they fade as they pass by her door . . .


Bob – Property checks, final chapter.

Concluding Bobs memoirs as a rookie PC, when he went into Finnegan’s yard on his own, to be rescued by his mentor Kevin. He is taken back to the canteen where the story is explained to him. He never goes there again! In later life the town centre is rebuilt and he returns! BUY THE BOOK TO READ MORE.


Jackie – Expectations.

Two bodies briefly meet, mate and then part company, carrying on the species of Lions.


Next week’s theme    I REMEMBER WHEN . . .




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