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Minutes of our Meeting of 9 October 2021 Skype Only.

Greetings Scribes.

Meeting commenced at 10-30. No access to Neo’s this week so all on Skype: Gina, Rick, June, Jennifer, Bob, Nikki, John.

Apologies: Dee.

Jennifer’s children’s book ‘Ella the Cyprus Hunting Dog’ is now printed and will be available for distribution soon. The Printer has done a great job of formatting it she will have some to share when next we meet.

Readings began with a poem left by Eddie: “Creeping Love.” Read in his behalf by Jennifer.

Rick read: “Kutlu Adali.” part 2 of “The Death of a Journalist” A true crime story. Part 3 next week.

June read: A collection of quotations about “Silence.”

Jennifer read her poem: “Silence”

Nikki read: “Bad Mother” based on Silence prompt.

Gina: “Silence” an extract from a book she is ghost writing for a friend.

Bob: Extract from “Breathe Again” Out now on Amazon.

Prompt for next week. 'As the Light Flickered Out.'

Meeting closed at 12 00. Thanks virtually attended. Next meeting scheduled for Skype watch this space for face to face meeting details. Gina will be in touch.


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