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Minutes of Our Meeting of 4th May 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Present at venue: Rick, Mike, June, Patti and Peter

On Skype: John, Jordi and Bob.

The Skype connection was very poor and hard to hear the contributors.

John – Vengeance. A man awakes to total darkness and soon realizes he is buried alive in a coffin! Gradually he breaks out and once free considers vengeance on the perpetrators. Written in second person present tense.

Mike – An attempt to write a neighborhood cats antics in his three homes in the first person (maybe).

Patti – The Poetry Competition. A true story about Patti aged nine winning a Sunday school poetry reading with ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. The prize was a large bar of chocolate. On leaving she is relieved of her prize by some rough lads, her bunch of friends come to the rescue and retrieve what is left of the chocolate. By the time they have been rewarded, it left her with only two squares but lots of friends.

Peter – Satanist Anonymous. Continuing the script story, the funeral of the girl under the train, then to the vicarage. The Archbishop, and his Thai wife, A dead body hangs from the chandelier. The bizarre script goes on.

There then followed a discussion about Thai Lady Boys!

June – The Trial. A barrister prepares for the first day of a trial.

Rick – Chapter two of his latest book. A very descriptive scene setter for his upcoming story.

Jordi – Pacific Atlanteans. Evidence of Atlantean colonization of Polynesia.

Bob – Because of the poor connection it was decided that we would wait until next week when Bob will be over here.

Homework theme from June: PLATITUDE.


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