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Minutes of Our Meeting of 4th March 2021 Venue Skype only.

Greetings fellow writers
Present at today's meeting via Skype. John. Rick. Bob. Gina. Jennie. Nikki. Dee. Apologies from June.
Many thanks to Gina leading the meeting, and for all administration matters. And Dee for taking the minutes.
The meeting began with a reading held over from last week due to time constraints.
Rick: 'Crawly Thing'. From the Sci-Fi prompt.
Followed by another chapter14 from his WW11 novel. 'Chateau de Montague'. 1944
Nikki: ACYRLOGIA. A word for us ponder over on face book and our Skype site.
Followed by 'What a Man Needs'. A short romance story and introducing “agraffe” a new word from last week's prompt.

John. ‘Technicians.’ Chapter 2 of ‘Colonists’ a work in progress inspired by the Sci-Fi prompt of 2 weeks ago. Incorporating the word of the month prompt from last week “Gamine & Homeostasis.”
Comfort break 12-03 12 20.
Dee: 'Dream' an extract from her WW11 novel in progress.
Bob: The next chapter from his work in progress: ‘The Woman Across the Street.’
Writing prompt for next week: 'Buried Treasure'.
Meeting closed at 12-46
Thank you to all who virtually attended. Look forward to seeing you next week.


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