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MINUTES OF OUR MEETING of 1st February 2024  Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

10.30 to 12.30

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, June, Jackie, Irene, Dee and Karen.

On Skype: John G, Bob and Bobby

 The Meeting Started at 10.30am

We welcomed back Dee and Karen.


John G. - I Blame it on the cheese.

The story of a dreamlike experience of a naked romp in the High Street after a heavy night of cheese and port – as explained to the arresting officer……….


Bobby – Magpies Ch 12

Bayen climbs to Pendragon’s (The Eagle) nest, flying the last bit easily, followed by Baowolf who is sent away. Pendragon explains Baowolf’s hatred of The Big Folk, and the zoo, and how he isn’t anyone to be afraid of. Slowly Bayen is beginning to understand why he is there……


Irene – The Dream Machine.

An analysis of the different kinds of dream, predictive , musical, warnings and romantic. As usual very emotive personal piece.


Mike – Igor the Torturor

Igor the prison torturer, stretches Felix to the limit overnight to gain a confession, only to find that he should have been more thorough the next morning still never mind, no real harm done was there. Now to get ready for Burns Night!


Patti – Dreams

She always dreamed of riding a horse, finally achieving her dream at the age of thirty in Africa having lessons with Colonel George Llewellyn, a local character. She met Dudley, a small very lively pale grey horse with whom she bonded. Other riders warned her to be wary of his wild side but she never had a problem. More memories from Patti’s co;ourful life.


June – Dreams and Memories

The life and times of Kate Skillet, left school at fourteen to help support the family, called herself Katherine to impress, widowed at thirty six, lied a full and interesting life, went gliding when in her eighties, and finally departed when SHE had had enough. June’s Mother. Very touching piece.


Rick – Stane Street Ch.7. Video.

Ricks journey continues from Ockney to Dorking. Originally a Roman fort, the town was built on top and the roman road fell into disuse and was built over. Although still appears ‘ghosted’ in on O.S. maps. Travel on Rick.


Bob – Property Checks Ch 3.

Bobs PC training with a Panda Car patrol the next night, then back to the beat around the town centre with mentor Kevin. All is well until he reaches Finnegan’s back gate. He hears whispering in the yard ‘Bob Bob’ He motions Kevin to come back but they find nothing. Whooooooo!!

Jackie – Dreams

There are six definitions in the dictionary, ranging from meditation to nightmares. Jackie explores each one with thought provoking results.


Karen – A village tale.

A Cypriot village has a new house built for an English couple. The day comes when they move in with a huge truck. Village life is disrupted when the goatherd oversleeps and forty goats get into the new houses’ garden drinking the contents of the swimming pool.

Bert and Brenda, the new owners, turn up to mayhem. Village life as it should be.


Dee – Dreams

A young girl is trapped in her bombed house as a German soldier walks through it, she realizes that she knows him from before the war………… Great stuff!


Another lively meeting, good to see Dee and Karen back.


Next week’s theme  ANGELS & VALENTINES


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