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Minutes of our meeting of 1st April 2021. Venue Skype only.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting; via skype- Bob-John-Rick-Jennie-Nikki-Gina-Dee-June.

Many thanks to Gina for presenting the meeting and Dee for taking the minutes.

Readings began at 11:00 am Cyprus time, 9:00 UK with.

John: 'Jodi'. A touching, sad, real life story of John and Jean’s experience as foster parents.

June: ‘An Unusual New Year's Eve,’ More from her Breton Tales.

She has had a very positive response to her submission of ‘Tears and Symphony’ from a New York based agent. There followed a discussion on the merits of employing a professional editor.

Nikki: 'No Joke'. A dystopian tale based on last week's homework, (April Fool) including her word of the month. (Glabella = noun: glabella; plural noun: glabellae: the smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows).

Nikki shared the new cover for her book ‘The Zeus Factor.’ There followed a discussion on covers, Her son, Gideon, a much published author has changed the cover of his novel, ‘Portico’ based partly on our feedback. He hopes to join a meeting as a guest sometime soon.

Jennie shared a link to a source of free images:

Readings continued:

Rick: 'Moving to Canada'. Chapter 18 of his work in progress.

He also shared a link to a useful guide to formatting manuscripts for submission or editing. Ideal when setting up word as in John’s tutorial of last week.

Coffee break 12-05 12-16

Readings recommenced with:

Bob: a further chapter from his work in progress: 'The woman across the street'.

There followed a discussion on the difficulties of US Jargon and text speak.

Jennie shared a useful link to a glossary of terms on Pinterest:

Homework for next week is a visual prompt: 'A Bloody Hand-Print'.

Meeting closed at 1-pm.

Gina will continue to monitor the situation regarding live meetings.

Thank you to all who virtually attended. See you all next week on Skype.


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