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Minutes of Our Meeting of 16th December 2021 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay.

Seasons Greetings Scribes.

Present at today's meeting:

At the Coral Star: Nikki, Gina, June, Rick, Mike.

Via Skype: John, Bob.

Apologies from Dee, Claudine, Jennie & Jennifer.

Meeting began at 10-30 am by wishing Nikki a very happy birthday then went on with readings as follows:

Nikki: “A tribute to her home town band” A parody on Slade’s Christmas song.

Mike: “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas Pros & Cons” two seasonal stories.

John: “Chamor’s First Christmas.” Christmas from an alternative point of View. Followed by “Snow White the Criminal Investigation.” A Parody of the pantomime.

June: “Christmas at the Priory.” Followed by “An Unusual New Year.” From her Breton Tales.

Rick: “Chapter 6– Seaford to Rottingdean.” Part of his travelogue series taking us along the south coast of England. Full of interesting historical fact about the region.

Coffee break 11-15 11 30.

Bob: 'Breathe again'. Epilogue to his latest Novel.

Gina: “The Present”.

Meeting closed at 12:00.

Prompt for next month: Why not have a crack at Erotic Fiction.

Please Note: This was the last meeting before the Christmas Break.

We will reconvene at the Coral Star 10.00 for 10.30 start on Thursday 13th January 2022.

We wish all our readers and writers a merry Christmas followed by a happy and productive new year.


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