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Minutes of our meeting of 15 April 2021 Venue Skype only

Greetings fellow Writers.

Present at today's meeting via Skype. Gina. Nikki. Jennie. June. Dee. Jennifer. Rick. Bob. John.

With thanks to Gina who presented the meeting, and Dee taking the minutes.

The meeting began with readings:

Rick: 'Valerie's story'. Chapter 20 of his WW11 Novel work in progress.

Dee: DNA. A saucy story, of a male prisoner, being sampled for his DNA.

Bob: 'Woman across the street'. A continuation of his work in progress

June: 'The Bellecs' an extract from her Breton tales.

Followed by a discussion on rural versus urban attitudes to animals.

Coffee break 11 50 12 10

The meeting resumed with readings based on last week’s prompt St George:

Jennie: (read on behalf of Nikki) 'My Hero'. A poem, about the loss of her cat.

Jennie: 'I Opened a Book' A short piece from the Children's laureate, Julia Donaldson, to encourage young people to read.

John: 'Exit the Dragon' from the P.O.V. of the dragon. With Shakespearean references.

Jennifer: 'St George myth and legend'. A cleverly devised historical poem.

Gina: 'Tale of the dragon slayer' A lovely story designed for children.

Nikki: 'Killer Genes' chapter 22. Of her work in progress.

Meeting closed at 1pm.

Thanks to all who virtually attended. See you next week.

Writing prompt for next week: 'Rescued'.


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