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Minutes of our Meeting of 11 November 2021 Venue: Coral Star Taverna and on Skype.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting At the Coral Star taverna: Gina. Jennie. Mike. Dee.

Via Skype: John. Bob. Jennifer. June.

Apologies from Nikki. Derek. Rick. Claudine

Readings began with:

Mike: From last week's prompt ''Sequestered'. A lively witty poem

Jennifer: 'Defiled'. An extract from her book. This was followed by a discussion on Character development based on Jennifer's piece of work.

Gina: 'Sister Act'. Mayhem, envy, at the village baking competition. Fisticuffs and rolling pins ready for the sister's and their rivals.

Coffee Break 11-10 11-16

Readings resumed with:

Bob: 'Breathe again'. Continuation of his novel, Leaving us with another cliff hanger.

Continued group discussion on Bob's book. He will be out next week hopefully to the meeting.

June: 'Carbon Sequestered.’ A very well documented account on Global warming enlightening, and interesting. Photosynthesis, and carbon dioxide emissions are all explained in this interpretation of our planet’s plight.

Dee: 'Forbidden fruit'' An extract and ideas from her novel.

Claudine. 'True Blue'. Three extracts from her Book Read eloquently by Gina.

Many thanks to Gina for setting up Skype. Thanks to all who attended virtually, and physically. Good to see Jennie return.

Writing prompt for next week. Beleaguered.


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