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Minutes of the Meeting 30 October 2019 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes Last week’s Halloween themed writing prompt brought forth a collection of stories that go bump in the night.

Present: John Goodwin, Ann Joyce, Caroline Harman-Smith, Beryl Lowe, June Megennis, David Greensmith. Paul Trebess, Derek Whittle, Michael White.

The meeting opened with Beryl thanking those who attended her book launch yesterday.


Ann Article Night of the Dead.

Caroline Story Whitch you were Here.

David Story Cold Day’s in Hell.

Coffee break: to 11.15. am

Derek Story Edith’s Anniversary.

Mike Story Night of the Dead 1&2

June Story Dance of the Spirits

John Story I’m Dying to tell you this.

The stories prompted considerable discussion. It was agreed that Anns Article should be posted in our pick of the month page.

This wees home writing prompt: With Guy Fawkes night coming up on Tuesday write on the theme of a Plot.

Thanks to all who attended. Next meeting Thursday 7 November Same time Same place. Hope to see you then.

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