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Minutes of the meeting 7 March 2019 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, As all members are not involved in the Crescent project we will continue it as a side bar sharing our stories on the forum. That way we can spend more meeting time on other more varied work.

Present: John Goodwin, Richard Palmer, Michael White, Helen Ratcliffe, Paul Trebiss,

June Megennis, David Greensmith, Eddy Kent.


Michael Story The pub quiz

Helen Exercise Description of a character.

Paul Exercise Description of a character

Rich Story Hugh & Anita, The quiz

David Novel Extract SCHWARZENBECK.

John Crescent The Pegeia Liberation Front.

Coffee break to

Readings conyued:

Helen Crescent The Three Amigo's.

A surprise visit at this stage as Eddy Kent (Poet) walked in while on holiday from the U.K and read a couple of poems for us.

Eddy Poem Young at heart.

Edd Poem The flower.

John gave us a 5 minute test to make as many words ending in ADE. There are about 540 in the dictionary we found about 10% of them between us.

This week’s Writing prompt: 'A picture paints a thousand words'.

Look at a scene and capture it in writing. An artist paints a scene but a writer goes beyond the visual. Movement, the passage of time and atmosphere even a sense of mystery can all play a part.

Alternatively “The 'Crescent” soap saga continues as characters meet up in the pub to pit their brains against each other in the quiz.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 14\03\19 at Neos.

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